South Asian Sisters

South Asian Sisters is a diverse collective of progressive South Asian women dedicated to empowering our community to resist all forms of oppression through art, dialogue, conscious alliances, and grassroots political action. We are dedicated to organizing “Yoni ki Baat,” an annual performance that encourages women to speak out against violence and end the stigma around our bodies and our sexualities.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yoni Ki Baat 2006 -- Deadline Extended!

please forward widely!


Yoni Ki Baat 2006

A brand-new selection of monologues, presented by South Asian Sisters

"Yoni ki Baat" is back for its fourth fabulous year!
We have confirmed that South Asian women are ready speak out about their bodies, their sexualities, and, yes, their yonis (yoni= vagina in Sanskrit)! This is an open call for our sisters to get creative and share any stories about their yonis, including topics such as, but not limited to:

* hair
* body image
* motherhood
* birth
* culture
* abuse
* menstruation
* smell
* genital mutilation
* orgasm
* pleasure
* masturbation
* sexual orientation
* rewriting stories
* reclaiming language (cunt, bitch, etc.)

Or, if you're stuck on what to write about, we've got some questions for you:

* What does your yoni enjoy most about being a south asian woman?
* Could you give up your razor (thread? wax?) for a month?
* Do you remember your first hair removal experience?
* Is your family or community desperate to marry you off?
* Has a well-meaning aunty ever gotten into your business?
* Have you ever "shocked" the aunties and uncles?
* What is the most frustrating issue in south asian culture facing women today?
* Which Bollywood heroine/ hero does your yoni pine for or aspire to be?
* What language does your yoni speak?
* What Bollywood film would your yoni star in?
* What Bollywood song would your yoni sing?
* What is your yoni's bio-data/ matrimonial?
* What name does your yoni prefer to be called by?
* What is the immigration status of your yoni?
* What is your yoni's weapon?
* What does your yoni smell like?
* If your yoni could run for president, what would be the first item on her agenda?
* If your yoni could say two words, what would they be?

Submissions will remain anonymous upon request and may be incorporated
into our upcoming "Yoni Ki Baat" show in the Bay Area.

If you've always thought about submitting a piece, this is the year to actually do it.

Please send any ideas, answers, poems, essays, stories, or musings --
we can't do the show unless we have your contributions! Your contributions create the mood and experience of the show, please share your voices with us!

Be on the lookout for more information about "Yoni Ki Baat" in the coming weeks.

Please send your submissions by June 1, June 30, 2006 to:


South Asian Sisters
1642 Fell Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


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